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Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting borrowed from the famous queen the vision, the boldness and the courage to look for new paths and methods - in a world in which the tradition and the procedures make the law- the perseverance, the objectivism and the desire to consolidate the professionalism and adapted these qualities in the human resources domain. The experience and the expertise accumulated by our consultants allow a maximum flexibility in approaching each project and in finalizing it with maximum efficiency for all the three parts involved THE EMPLOYER – THE CANDIDATE – THE CONSULTANT.

The thing that both differentiates and distinguishes us is the accurate customization of the services, according to the current needs of the Client, doubled by the reassembly of the packages of services according to the Client’s requests.

The reputation we have gained and the respect for the Client determines us to assume some responsibilities, from the beginning of our collaboration:

1. We communicate the existence of some potential conflicts of interests and our collaboration with rival companies, without harming them.

2. We assure the total confidentiality of the information we receive or we find out by accident during negotiations/ executing the contract.

3. We keep our objectivism and professionalism, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the project; we offer only real information and we do not « enrich » the abilities of our candidates or of the person evaluated, in order to influence the Client’s decision.

4. In order to avoid any risks, we recommend only the candidates who correspond at least 90% with the Client’s requests.

5. Under the same risk principle, we do not influence the results of the evaluation / audit of the human capital, in order to obtain an ante-determined result for the Client

6. We will not contact candidates recruited or evaluated by our team, in order to distribute them in other vacant positions.

Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting is able to become, according to your needs: the personal legal adviser specialized in the labor legislation, the auditor of the human capital, the fast and professional recruiter, the neuter and competent psycho-professional evaluator, in brief: THE INTELLIGENT, EFFICIENT, DISCRETE AND RAPID BUSINESS PARTNER

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