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The most important place in the temporary budget of the human resources department is occupied by the administration of the human capital, as regards the consumption. Declarations, pay lists, employment files, additional documents, interior regulations, collective labor contracts, employees’ registry, certificate releases, updates according to the labor legislation ... and the list can continue. And, as the time cannot dilute itself, other activities specific to this department (and sometimes more important) will be harmed; that is why, in order to offer our Clients a full range of services specific to human capital department, we will take over these tasks and we will solve them in the shortest possible time, observing the regulation in force.

In order to ease the access to this service, we have structured the activities in three distinctive packages that can be activated together or separately:


  • verifying the timesheets
  • drawing up the salary lists; calculating the indemnities for the medical leaves, for the maternity leaves, for child care leaves; registering and calculating the supplementary work hours, the bonuses and the check-offs; drawing up the papers necessary for the payment of salaries in bank accounts
  • registering the pay lists at the territorial Labor Inspectorate
  • drawing up and submitting declarations as regards: the contributions to the state social insurances; the situation of the employees included in the health social insurance system; the contributions to the unemployment fund;
  • filling in and registering the fiscal papers and some specific declarations, according to the legal norms applied on the date of drawing them up; distributing the fiscal documents to the employees within the deadline established by the law
  • lists for ordering the food stamps
  • collecting the data and editing the papers that certify the length in service and the incomes of the employees


  • drawing up the employment files (containing the documents stipulated by the legal and procedural regulations in force);
  • drawing up and registering the individual labor contracts;
  • drawing up and registering the additional documents to the individual labor contracts; writing the documentation necessary for the cease / modification / suspension of the individual labor contracts;
  • filling in information regarding the leave days (leave, medical leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave, etc.);
  • verifying the validity of the documents included in the employment file –periodically, and informing the employer and the employee in case certain visas/documents must be renewed;
  • making notes in the labor booklets and in the employees’ general registry
  • having good relations with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate
  • administrating and organizing periodical medical checkups (after the one taken by the employee immediately after being hired), the labor protection training and the fire extinguishing training (PSI)
  • informing, periodically, the legislative changes that can affect the rights and the obligations of the employer and/or the employees;
  • verifying if an employee is included in suitable labor conditions (normal, different or special);
  • drawing up the documents necessary for assigning the unemployment payment for the employees dismissed by the employer (according to the case);
  • assisting the employees when filling in their retirement files
  • drawing up all sorts of certificates required by the employees.


  • obtaining the labor permits – for the non-EU citizens
  • obtaining the E101, E102, etc. forms, for transferring the employees in other EU states
  • filling in the job-descriptions and the organization-charts specific for the client’s main activity
  • propositions regarding the interior regulations and the collective labor contracts; assisting the Client in negotiating these contracts
  • analyses and reports regarding the evolution of the human resources, the evolution and the structure of the salary and the bonus packages, the absenteeism rate, the salary level compared to the market average for the respective domain of activity, etc
  • consultancy on the labor legislation
  • consultancy on the management of the human capital, identifying the human resources policies that are efficient for each Client, developing the organization, retention policies, etc.
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