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    Employer’s Brand

  Many times, lack of marketing specially designed for human resources leads to major lack of balance within the organizatoric structure of a company. On the other hand, only marketing without substance, during time, leads to the same results...
  The best presentation of human resources policy of a company is not provided by either Human Resources department or the Public Relations, but the former and present employees. There is a representation of multi-national companies that have imported not only the know-how, but motivational policies, career plans, and evaluation policies for human resources. This type of companies made a brand of a very powerful employer.
  The most illustrative example: Ernst&Young. Although last year the company was involved in an enormous scandal – the first case which got to the media of a girl died due to labor fatigue – however, the applicants still have applied for positions here for the jobs available. Why?! Because they have professional training programs well elaborated, they have a series of facilities and adjacent motivational packages, for the safety of the job, promotion on professional and talent criteria, because they have salaries more than motivate, as the period a professional worked here is a recommendation in itself, because...
  The same thing happens with Glaxo, La Roche, Zentiva, Coca-Cola, Huawei, Abbott, Philips, BAT, etc. I make reference to these companies not because they would be the only one, but I know well their human resources policies, and I know it is not only marketing.
  Nevertheless, I have met employers who, in negotiating certain agreements, come with a awkward excuse: “we are XXX it is a honor for them to work here” ! Excuse me?! Taking into account the lack of eligible applicants over the past few years, such an approach does not but send a negative message on the market. It shall vanish with the speed of … word. People that are not even interested in the respective company, will learn that they do not respect their employees. This company shall have an employer brand, not on the black list, the list “do not go there”...
  A well positioned employer brand has got advantages worth taking into account:
  - Less recruitment expenses (applicants come by themselves to such companies)
  - The employees that meet the job description half-way are eliminate, applicants that do not correspond with the job description, but meet a part of the employer expectations and at least cover half of the job description are not accepted (as they have a main group to choose good applicants)
  - The flow of personnel is reduced
  - Professional training expenses are reduced (the employers want to have such a brand in their portfolio and they are willing to make discounts: the trainings are used in high level, they are meant for employees that have already been trained during time; trainings for the beginners are eliminated – they are more expensive, take longer periods of time and they are hard to be liquidated)
  - The target public has an increased trust in the finite product (the professionalism of the team can not lead to anything but a quality product/service)
  - Expenses due to the calls to trials introduced by employees are minimized to maximum or even eliminated.
  However, to enjoy these advantages one needs to invest in its own human resources department. A financial motivation is not always the main issue, it has to be accompanied/replaced partially with other motivation systems. An employer brand is relatively easy to build, but it is such preserved if it is based on the needs of the employers:
  - Professional training programs (provides a long term collaboration with the employee who benefits of this program, as he/she can not resign during a certain term established by mutual agreement)
  - Partial/total payment of certain post university studies (Master, MBA, etc)
  - Private medical insurance
  - Private retirement payment (other than the compulsory ones)
  - Holidays paid by the company
  - Internal nursery or providing a bed in a nursery
  - Reduced schedule for certain periods (disease of a family member, participation in certain exams, different personal problems, etc)
  - Seniority and fidelity bonuses, etc
  - Participation of all the employees in the profit, of exceptional employees or only for the managers
  - Clearly established bonus systems
  It is not very difficult, it does not involve large expenses, as they are compensated by the advantages presented above, have obvious results within a relatively small period of time.
  I have written these facts thinking of a new client, recently entered in our portfolio, a company that observes a large part of the “laws” concerning the creation of an employer brand; however, it still has got problems in choosing new applications. This is happening as it did not invested in marketing/advertisement for human resources and it develops its activity on a market with a reduced specialist offer – optical area – it is affected by the negative publicity which its competition made...

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