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As we have already mentioned on the opening page of our presentation, this is our virtual office and you are standing in the lobby. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and give us a little attention until you decide if you are willing to make the next step towards the office of one of our consultants.

For Nefertiti HCC, the CANDIDATES are as important as the EMPLOYERS are!

The candidates we are interested in and who become our partners and friends (not only until they are hired, but a long time afterwards, because a successful career doesn’t stop at the first job) are well trained, correct in the relations with the others, intelligent, with imagination, spiritually powerful, open-minded, with global view over the matters, self-motivated, with well-defined goals, well-informed and responsible.

The candidates we recommend are our visiting card and we cannot afford to present a deteriorated, washed-out or false one. That is why the selection made up by our consultants is not only atypical, but also very rigorous.

However, as long as you are correct and responsible and with a very well defined self-value … you can say that you have found the suitable partner to construct your career. The information in this website will help you make the best decision for yourself; our consultants will answer (according to their available time) to all your questions as regards the human resources domain.

The recruitment process, in our vision, includes the following major steps:

  • Selection at the CV level, according to the basic requirement of the vacant job (length in service, studies, experience in a certain activity field, the ability to use certain specific programs or procedures, etc)
  • Phone interview – about 10 minutes
  • Specific tests for the vacant job
  • Interview with one of the Nefertiti HCC consultants
  • Interview with the Employer’s representative
  • Negotiating the job conditions

You will receive, via e-mail or telephone, the feedback due to each of the steps mentioned above, and you will receive notifications as regards the stage of the recruitment project, the time necessary for each evaluation, consultancy from our specialists, possible corrections that you should take into consideration (over your behavior or your presentation), etc.

A possible negative feedback concerns only the respective job and not the collaboration with our company or with other clients; that is why we reserve the right – with your consent – to keep you informed with the novelties appeared in our portfolio.

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