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Even though there is a series of procedures specific for the administration of human resources in general, according to a company’s domain of activity, the human resources’ budgets assigned by the respective company, the number of employees, or the company’s motivation systems, the procedures must be adapted and personalized so that they may ease the permanent, active and transparent communication between the employees and the managers. Some difficult and bureaucratic procedures will make the communication difficult, will lead to the accumulation of frustrations, will create a favorable environment for « small office gossip » and may affect both the efficiency and the existence of a company. Some very relaxed procedures may lead to diluting the responsibilities and the respect towards other colleagues, can lead to bad attitudes as « I am entitled to », « I am allowed to do everything », « I am irreplaceable » OR « if he resigns … it will be very easy to find a substitute »; this attitude will lead to a climate of mistrust, to a bad name for the company, to high difficulties in attracting well-trained candidates.

These are the main reasons why choosing, setting and implementing some HR procedures compatible with the specific and the possibilities of the company should be a main concern for a company’s management.

Our consultants have the necessary experience to analyze and propose the most suitable procedures for your company. Contact us and you will feel the change in a few weeks.

THE AUDIT OF THE HUMAN CAPITAL is a process used to diagnose a living organism, an active part of a company’s capital. The human resources audit includes the examination of policies, procedures, documents, systems and practices connected to an organization’s human resources function. The purpose of the human resources audit is to identify and analyze the weaknesses and the qualities of the organization’s human resources policy; to improve the results and to implicate the human resources in the organizational activity; to "prescribe" viable solutions for the "recovery" of this function.

The first attributions analyzed are the 8 human resources’ basic functions, respectively: - the role in the organization, the structure of the department, the informational system (HRIS) - the recruitment process - the documentation - the training, the human resources development and the career management - the salary and motivation policy - the evaluation of performances - the cease of collaboration with some employees - the legal regulations

The stages of the audit process I. Analyzing in detail the functions of the human resources department, of the procedures implemented in the company. 1. writing the job descriptions 2. recruiting and selecting the candidates 3. the system used to evaluate the performances 4. the salary policy and the material/non-material rewarding system 5. the company’s training policy, elements used in planning and developing the employees’ career 6. the organization chart and the tasks of each job 7. the motivation level for the employees II. Developing a plan with action propositions. III. Choosing the ideal solution for the respective organization and sustaining it when implementing the necessary changes.


The repeated and sometimes contradictory changes in the labor legislation require the advice of a specialist in the decisional processes that involve work relations and/or social assistance. The domains in which we can help you with competent pieces of advice based on solid knowledge of the legislation and the specific procedures, doubled by experience, are :

  • Work relations
  • Labor legislation
  • Social insurances, health insurances, unemployment insurances
  • Labor protection
  • Labor medicine
  • Work conflicts
  • Systems used to motivate the human resources
  • HR procedures
  • Labor contracts, collective labor contracts and internal regulations
  • etc.


The help of a human resources agency is necessary both to identify the opportunities on the labor market for each employee and to correctly choose the professional training programs that can help these persons to find well-defined and well-paid jobs, to build a solid career in a certain domain of activity.

Such a program assures:

  • assistance for defining the personnel-cut strategy
  • the employees dismissed, in order to evaluate them (the psychological profile, identifying the strong abilities and the things that must be improved)
  • individual or group counseling, in order to emphasize the qualities and the professional potential and to eliminate the gaps, the incorrect behaviors, etc.
  • counseling in creating the letters of intent and the CV
  • counseling regarding the person’s presence during the interviews
  • easing the access in the companies that might hire the respective person (possible some companies with the same activity domain as the former employer)
  • offering names and contacts necessary in applying for different vacant jobs
  • recommendation, after the evaluation, for different vacant jobs registered in our portfolio
  • etc.
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