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The evaluation of human resources i san important process but also inevitable for any company that wants an efficient and equitable administration of own human resources. The system of evaluation and the agreed battery of tests are related to the purpose of evaluation and of the specific of the organization. The evaluation facilitates the making of some objective decisions regarding the policies of motivation adopted by a company, regarding the plan of career that is going to be proposed to some employees, regarding the needs of training at organization level, regarding the firing of the inefficient staff. This last hypothesis makes the process of evaluation to be received with reticence by the most part of the employees, at least at tits appearance in a company.

In the case when an undesired, unique event becomes a continuous process, with a predictable periodicity, followed by a correct feed-back, offered in due time, doubled by correct proposals of improvement of the performances or of recompense systems, the resistance of the employees will diminish making room for a sure opening. Only in this phase, we may discuss about relevant effective results!

Depending on the time granted for the process of evaluation, its purpose, the number of persons that are going to be involved and their reaction regarding the evaluation, NEFERTITI Human Capital Consulting will propose the Client the set of test, final election belonging to him. The system of evaluation must be correlated with the other policies of human resources, and that is why we have to know:
- The organizational structure
-The implemented policies of human resources and their results
-The system of career plans elaboration
-The system of promotions, firing
-The ethic values assumed by the company

Because of the evaluation, our consultants will offer evaluations and different reports regarding the degree of efficiency, suggestions of improvement, comparing between different persons on the same decisional stage etc. Every time we will come with new proposals of trainings and programs of development of career for the evaluated employees and we will search for the eventual lagoons in the efficiency of the policy of employees’ motivation.

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