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Q: What Is a Human Resource ?

A: William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary defines Human Resources as: "The people that staff and operate an organization"; as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. Human Resources is also the organizational function that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, and training. A Human Resource is a single person or employee within your organization.

Q: Why choosing Nefertiti HCC services in front of other Agents ?

A: Because above all we're not selling dreams and we're offering a full support package to all our clients, approaching an opened-minded & full transparency relationship with everyone. Of course, there are certain advantages that make Nefertiti HCC your ideal Agent in Romania, such as:
a. We're allowing our client's to employ directly the candidates we provide, not only to subcontract them;
b. We're offering a diversified fee structure, allowing each client to choose the most suitable fee payment procedure with its needs;
c. Offer full support during entire project(s) development
d. Not in the last place: because we care about our clients, but about our people as, well.
e. We're offering Quality within provided services.

Q: It is advisable to build a relationship with an agency ?

A: Yes. When an agency has a deep understanding of a client it is in a much better position to find the right person for their job vacancies.

Q: Is there a standard industry fee for recruitment services ?

A: No. While in general most agencies operate a scale of fees, the more difficult the role to fill the higher the fee is likely to be. This is something that a client should agree upfront with any egencies so that they know exactly what the service will cost them.

Q: Can we see the shortlisted candidates before signing and faxing back the Terms and Conditions to Protemps ?

A: Our company policy is to have all T&C signed, stamped and faxed back to us before clients are allowed to interview our candidates, though we may make exceptions in certain cases.

Q: What if your candidate leaves us ?

A: Within an agreed time period, we will commit to replacing the candidate, free of charge, in a timely efficient manner.

Q: Where or whom can I contact to get more information about a position ?

A: Visit our jobs page. It will provide you with the full advertisement, selection criteria, job description and contract person for each advertised position. The contact person nominated for each advertised position can be contacted to answer any queries relating to position not covered in the information package.

Q: What happens to my application once I submit it ?

A: All applications received are sent an acknowledgement letter or email within a week of receipt. A consultant will then consider all applications received and develop a shortlist of applicants who will advance to the next stage of the selection process - usually interview. Applicants, who have not demonstrated they possess the essential criteria of the position, or who are clearly not as competitive as other applicants, will not receive an interview. All applicants whether successful or unsuccessful in progressing to the next stage should receive notification of outcome of their application within four weeks of closing date.

Q: How long does the recruitment process take ?

A: Generally, the selection process should take four weeks from closing date. Applicants can contact the coordinator of the project to check on the progress of their application if they have not received any notification within this time. Sometimes there can be delays due to extenuating circumstances, however if there are significant delays applicants will be notified.

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