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    Rulles to foreign workers from non-EU Member States who are in Romania or wish to establish in Romania for work purpose.

Foreigners need a work authorization.The work authorization may be granted at the employer’s request, by the Romanian Office for Immigration. This is needed for obtaining the long-term stay visa for employment or, as the case may be, of the stay permit for work purposes.

The types of work authorizations that can be granted to foreigners are as follows:
a) work authorization for permanent workers;
b) work authorization for detached workers;
c) work authorization for seasonal workers;
d) work authorization for trainees;
e) work authorization for sportsmen;
f) nominal work authorization;
g) work authorization for cross-border workers.

To obtain the work authorization, a foreign citizen needs the following documents:
a) curriculum vitae, containing also his/her declaration on own responsibility that has no penal records, is capable of employment from a medical point of view and has minimum command of the Romanian language;
b) copies of study documents in order to be employed in the function or in the job for which he/she requires employment, translated in Romanian and legalized by a public notary, diplomas, certificates and scientific titles obtained in the education system abroad shall be accompanied by the recognition document from the Ministry of Education and Research, in the terms set by the relevant legislation; *
c) copies of documents which certify the vocational training acquired outside the education system or, as the case may be, which attests the occupational experience, translated and over-legalized in the terms set by law;
d) copy of the alien’s valid cross-border document;
e) the foreign’s request to obtain the work permit;
f) the alien’s valid cross-border document on which shall be applied the long stay visa for employment;
g) the legal record certificate from the alien’s origin or domicile country attesting that he/she has no penal ntecedents;
h) the medical act attesting the health state, issued by the competent medical institutions, according to the legal provisions, indicating that the alien is capable of being employed;
i) two photos type 3/4;
j) the medical certificate and the updated fiscal attestation, if between the registration date of the application for obtaining the favourable notification and the registration date of the application for obtaining the work permit more than 60 days have passed.


* As what it concerns the recognition of diplomas and qualifications obtained by citizens of third countries in the education system, the file which will be forwarded by the employers’ company will comprise:
1) Standard request addressed to the Ministry of Education and Research, by which the acknowledgement of the diploma is asked (it will be mentioned the address and the phone number of the company);
2) Registration number;
3) A legal copy of the diploma, if it is in Romanian, or if not, a legal translation in original;
4) Xerox copy of the foreign citizen’s passport (the pages having the identification data);
5) Letter from the company naming the position which it will be held by the person in question;
6) Copy of the registration certificate of the company;
7) Delegation of a company employee, who will deposit the file and to whom it will be hand it over the acknowledgement certificate;
8) Proof of payment for the sums due for diploma’s acknowledgement, in original or certified copy.
NOTE: For validation the diplomas will have the Hague Convention Apostil (for the states which are part of this Convention) or Over-Attested label or will have attached the authentication certificate issued by the competent authorities from the origin country, taking into consideration the fact that, given the automatic acknowledgement, the acknowledgement of the education institution from the state of origin it is prevailing.

The file needed for requesting the work authorization for permanent workers shall be submitted to the Romanian Office for Immigration by the employer together with his/her other documents.

The address of the Romanian Office for Immigration is:
Str. Cpt. aviator Alexandru
Serbanecu nr. 50, sector 1, Bucharest.

1. Employees’ rights in Romania
By law, employees cannot renounce the rights which are bestowed to them by the law. Any transaction which is envisaging a renouncing of lawfully recognized rights for employees or the limitation of such rights is sanctioned by absolute nullity.
In Romania, the employee has the main following rights:
a) to receive wage for the work performed;
b) to a daily and weekly rest;
c) to an annual rest leave;
d) to equal opportunities and treatment;
e) to dignity in his/her work;
f) to labour safety and health;
g) of access to vocational training;
h) to information and consulting;
i) to participate at setting up and improving labour conditions and environment;
j) to protection in case of dismissal;
k) to collective and individual negotiation;
l) to participate at collective actions;
m) to establish or join a union.
2. Employees’ obligations in Romania
The employee's main obligations are as follows:
a) to accomplish his/her work rate or, as applicable, to meet his/her duties according to the job description;
b) to observe work discipline;
c) to observe the provisions of the internal regulations, of the applicable collective labour contract, as well as of the individual labour contract;
d) of faithfulness to the employer in performing his/her job duties;
e) to comply with the steps of labour safety and health in the company;
f) to observe the job secret.
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