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    Foreign who don‘t need to obtain a work authorization

According to the legislation in force, the citizens from the EU and EEA countries do not have to obtain a work authorization in order to work in Romania.

The following foreigners do not need to obtain a work authorization:
• the foreigners entitled to the right of permanent residence in Romania;
• the foreigners whose access on the romanian labour market is regulated by agreements, conventions and settlements signed by Romania with other states, if this possibility is specified by these acts;
• the foreigners who obtained a form of protection in Romania;
• the foreigners that have the right to perform educational, scientific activities or other temporary specific activities in specialized approved institutions in Romania, based on bilateral agreements; the foreigners that are entitled to the right of residence for performing scientific research; the high qualified personnel, according to the ministry of education order; the foreigners who perform artistic activities in romanian cultural institutions according to the ministry of culture order.
• the foreigners that have the right to perform temporary activities requested by the ministries or other public central or local institutions or by the self governed public institutions
• the foreigners that are the head of Romanian branch /subsidiary / agency of a legal person located abroad according to the Romanian legislation in force;
• the foreigners that are family members – spouse, children – of Romanian citizens;
• the foreigners employed by a legal person located abroad,in one of the EU/EEA states, posted in Romania only if they have the residence permit obtained in that state.
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