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    Employees’ rights in Romania

In Romania, the employee has the main following rights:
a) to receive wage for the work performed;
b) to a daily and weekly rest;
c) to an annual rest leave;
d) to equal opportunities and treatment;
e) to dignity in his/her work;
f) to labour safety and health;
g) of access to vocational training;
h) to information and consulting;
i) to participate at setting up and improving labour conditions and environment;
j) to protection in case of dismissal;
k) to collective and individual negotiation;
l) to participate at collective actions;
m) to establish or join a union.

Employees’ obligations in Romania

The employee's main obligations are as follows:
a) to accomplish his/her work rate or, as applicable, to meet his/her duties according to the job description;
b) to observe work discipline;
c) to observe the provisions of the internal regulations, of the applicable collective labour contract, as well as of the individual labour contract;
d) of faithfulness to the employer in performing his/her job duties;
e) to comply with the steps of labour safety and health in the company;
f) to observe the job secret.

In Romania, every employee and employer contribute to the social insurance budget, to the health fund, to the unemployment insurance budget as well as to the state budget, through salary taxes, as it follows:
• Contribution to the social insurance (for pension), meaning :
- 9,5% on the gross monthly income realized by the employee;
- 19,75% on the total fund of gross monthly salaries earned by the employees and paid by the employers.
• Contribution to the unemployment budget, meaning:
- 1% on the gross monthly salary for the person insured on a contract basis;
- 2,25% on the total fund of monthly gross salaries earned by the employees and paid by the employers;
• Contribution to the health insurance fund, meaning:
- 6,5% on the gross monthly income realized by the employee;
- 7% on the total fund of the monthly gross salaries realized by the employees and paid by the employers.
• The tax on salaries and for any kind of gross income is 16%;

There are also other small contributions paid by the employers (contributions for keeping the employees work booklets, contributions for risk and accident fund, etc.).
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