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July 15th, 2008
Starting with the issue of July, this year, our company becomes a partner of the publication « Consulting Review », with articles signed by our collaborators and consultant, as they can be read at its human resources chapter. However, our consultants, by this magazine, shall give detailed answers to requests and species from readers.

July 7th 2008
Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting joined the members of the club Executive Suite, club that was joined by the managers of human resources managers: BNP Paribas, Philips Netherlands, TMC Japan, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, TACK International, Petrom SA - OMV Group, Unicredit, EMEA, Vodafone, Nokia, etc

June 20th 2008
Starting with August 2008, our Executive Search Division shall involve in the selection and evaluation of the applicants that shall be a part of the future HR team for one of the most important banks in Romania. For the same bank, we shall offer outplacement services for the employees dismissed following the fact that the institution was taken over by a multinational bank.

May 11th 2008
Our evaluation division won the auction concerning the evaluation of human resources for an important state institution, which acts on regulation and supervision of private retirement funds. The evaluation is to be finished in the following month.

March 10th 2008
An important viticulture company gave us its trust, our collaboration developing on two of our divisions: recruitment and support. The positions free for which we shall start the recruitments within the following two weeks are: REGIONAL SALES MANAGER – for three geographical areas Iasi, Bucharest, and Timisoara, KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER, COMMERCIAL MANAGER.

March 10th 2008
Starting with Friday, the 14th of March 2008, Kamis Condimente, a multinational company located in Poland has a new MARKETING MANAGER. The applicant we presented has a relevant experience – she has been active on this area for more than 5 years, in multinational companies within FMCG area.

March 1st 2008
A new Project Coordinator joined the team of Net Marketing, as they recruited by our specialized division. However, the recruitment for a similar position focused on merchandising projects is still opened.

March 1st 2008
According to a study performed by the support company KPMG, remitted to Rompres, more than 60% of the breakings observed in companies are done by the members of the management team. according to the press release of KPMG, the managers have access to confidential information, due to their positions it is easier for them to avoid internal verifications and to damage the company very seriously.

Most of those brought up front are ... "recidivists". In 91 % of the cases investigated, they do several crimes before they are discovered, in 76 % of the cases, the facts they done produced six months before, and in 33% of the cases, they started three years ago or even more.

The profile of the manager subject of the statistics described above is a male, 36-55 years old. Within the study, 360 real cases were examined which were rendered to the legal department for crime investigation within KPMG for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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