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It is relatively easy to identify persons who have the experience and characteristics necessary for being the perfect candidate for a vacant job; but it is more difficult to discover the person with a psychological and professional profile that is suitable for the team in which he/she will be integrated (and who has gained the necessary knowledge and experience). This is the challenge we face: to propose some candidates with the skills and experience specific for the Client’s organization.

In order to define the recruitment project and the « ideal » form of recruitment (executive search, mass recruitment, etc.) we will identify and analyze with you:

- the tasks and the responsibilities of the job, the qualification and abilities needed by the potential candidates, that will represent some recruitment criteria - the work conditions and environment, the salary offered by the employer, the specifications of the vacant job, the duration of the labor contracts, the professional training conditions, etc.

After making this evaluation, we will be able to estimate and ask for your opinion on:

the time necessary to present the short list the advertising environments for the selection the selection methods estimating the possible impediments the Recruitment Project


- The database contains over 14,000 active applications, from all the geographical and professional areas specific to Romania. Many of these persons are willing to accept full-time jobs, project base, or part-time jobs and even to change their residence for a challenging job.
- The tests given by Nefertiti Human Capital Consulting to its candidates cover both the professional and the psychological area, the profiles resulted after the examination offering a clear and complete image of the candidate.
- The average presentation period necessary to make the first short list (followed by the candidates’ profiles) is of 3-4 weeks. Each short list will contain the profiles of 3-6 candidates, the decision to interview the persons belonging entirely to the Client; the Client will establish both the location and the time for the interviews. If none of the candidates complies with your requests, we will present you another short list in maximum 5 days.
- Guarantee of minimum 90 days. The guarantee refers to the situation in which the work reports between you and the candidate presented by our team cease, because of causes that do not involve the Employer, in maximum 90 days since our candidate started to work. In such case, we will present the employer other candidates that comply with the recruitment criteria established when the process started.


We consider ‘mass recruitment’ those projects that aim to select people for a large number of vacant jobs – at least 8 – for the same type of position or for similar positions. For such projects, we usually activate the partnerships we have concluded during the years with some education institutions, professional training centers, local and/or governmental authorities, etc. The advantage of Nefertiti HCC, in the case of mass recruitment, is given by our active and continuous involvement in outplacement and consultancy projects, that allow us to stay in contact with a large number of well-trained candidates who will be put at our clients’ disposal in a relatively short time.

If our database, the contacts and partnerships we mentioned above are overwhelmed with the vacant positions or the strict specialization of the jobs, we organize job fairs by Internet, written press, local announcements, etc.

A mass recruitment campaign can last between 3 weeks and one year, according to the number of vacant jobs, the geographical area or the specific nature of the positions that represent the object of the recruitment process. For example: a team of 10 workers specialized in assembling can be selected in 3-4 weeks, while the selection of the personnel specialized to work in a supermarket – meaning approximately 250-400 vacant positions for 15-20 jobs – can be finalized in 6-10 months.

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